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Advantages of Drag Conveyors. Ideal for handling dry, free-flowing materials; Materials are static and move en-masse by paddles or chain; Minimal product degradation during conveying

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Chain Conveyors. Whether you're receiving through harvest or loading out to meet a delivery commitment, you must be able to move your grain gently and efficiently. ... InterSystems Kleen-Drag . Product Comparison. Chain Loop VersaLoop En-Masse 12"/14"/20" En-Masse 26"/32"/39" IS En-Masse Hi-Flight IS Kleen-Drag;

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Jiangsu conveyor star is a manufacture which focus on conveyors.The core products are en-masse conveyors,drag chain conveyors,belt conveyors,screw conveyors,bucket elevators,forged chains. The company is founded in 2000,covers an area of 8000 square meters.

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En-Masse Chain Conveyors. GSI 12″, 14″, and 20″ En-Masse Chain Conveyors offer many features to maximize performance and reduce operation costs.For larger grain capacity requirements, GSI offers a 26″ and 32″ En-MasseConveyor. These conveyors feature an extra heavy-duty construction and easy access to all vital hardware.


between En-Masse and Drag Chain helps with proper size and selection of conveyor options to achieve required capacities within infrastructure and elevation parameters. The efficient utilization of space in the En-Masse drag chain conveyor makes it the most cost-effective option based on physical size and power requirements. When

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For a chain conveyor, it is the material properties which decide whether the conveying will be with 'En-masse' effect or 'Drag' effect. DEMECH's vast experience in this field ensures that the conveyor is designed to operate at optimum efficiency by proper selection of speed, type of chain & flight etc.

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Baisheng En-masse Scraper Conveyor, Drag Chain Conveyor China Professional Scraper Chain Conveyor Manufacturer/ Drag Chain Conveyor scraper plate drag chain conveyor, chain plate conveyor

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"En-Masse" Chain Conveyor We Offer Solutions " 14 Series Chain Conveyors Durable, dependable and efficient handling ... Drag leg attachment plates (1 set per 10' of conveyor length). Paint; 1 coat primer, 1 coat finish industrial grade enamel applied to all exposed steel surfaces 30"

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Drag Conveyor Horsepower Calculation. ... Because the material is moved En-Masse, horsepower requirements can be as much as half of that of alternative means of conveyance. ... The above information and formulas are a conservative approach to drag conveyor horsepower and chain …

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en-masse conveyors and elevators are the industry standard featuring a highly flexible design that ... This style of en-masse distributing conveyor may receive more feed points and discharge at any num- ... Floating Chain For long conveyors and special applications.

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The En-Masse Drag Conveyor technology allows for the bulk material to be conveyed from horizontal up to a 90° vertical run in a single conveyor. Rates up to 1,000 TPH with a single chain, multiple chain units are also available.

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Norstar's En-Masse Chain Conveyor offers the most efficient horizontal conveyance solution on the market. Generally utilized for on-grade, under-bin or overhead applications, En-Masse Conveyors provide reliable and high-capacity material handling.

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Enmasse drag conveyors have a simple design with just one large internal chamber. Typically, the bottom two-thirds of the chamber carries the product, while the top third of the conveyor is the return chamber. The return chamber contains a return chain which is supported by a set of rails or idlers.

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The Drag Conveyor is a conveying device for continuously conveying powder, granules and small pieces of granular materials in a closed casing by means of a moving scraper chain. Since the scraper chain is buried in the material to be conveyed, it is called a buried scraper conveyor.

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MoveMaster® En-masse chain conveyor Gentle handling of bulk materials. MoveMaster® – The Mechanics of En-Masse Conveying and Elevating En-Masse movement is the term used to describe the unique method of conveying bulk materials smoothly, gently and economically.

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EN-MASSE CHAIN CONVEYOR ALL MODELS ASSEMBLY, OPERATION, SAFETY, AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL This manual applies to: ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS ... Drag Conveyor Safety • Keep body, hair, and clothing away from moving conveyor. • Do not climb, sit, stand or walk on conveyor at any time.

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The BCI En Masse Drag Conveyor is built to the highest quality in the industry. Our BCI enclosed conveyor is built to last and will perform under the most demanding of applications. The BCI's chain conveyor is built to be maintenance friendly and are designed with your maintenance team in mind.

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En-Masse Drag Conveyor Design. 15 October 2014. Share. Full company details Follow. Gallery. En-Masse Drag Chain conveying technology is the most efficient technology in the industry, capable of utilising 90% of the physical size for actual conveying.

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We are involved in the manufacture and supply Drag Chain Conveyor / En-masse Conveyor that are designed and manufactured using advanced technology. We manufacture these Chain Conveyors as per the defined industry standards. The flights are fixed between two strands of chain, drags the material from feeding end to the discharge end of the open or closed through.

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MoveMaster® En-masse chain conveyor Gentle handling of bulk materials. MoveMaster® – The Mechanics of En-Masse Conveying and Elevating En-Masse movement is the term used to describe the unique method of conveying bulk materials smoothly, gently and economically.

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Deep link chain comes in solid and hollow bearing pin varieties. 4. Drop forged chain. Drop forged chain (also known as en-masse conveyor chain or scraper chain) is already fitted with attachments that have been welded directly onto the chain links. Pitch. Each type of conveyor chain …


EN-MASSE CHAIN CONVEYOR MODEL GTM, MODEL RBTM, & BULK-FLOTM ASSEMBLY, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS. This product has been designed and constructed according to general engineering standardsa. Other local regulations may apply and must be followed by the operator.

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The En-Masse drag conveyor is not limited to conveying En-Masse, there are many applications where the bulk solids capacity that is required or the conveyor configuration isn't practical, but in a lot of these cases the single chain strand with skeletal flights is a very good and reliable solution for …

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Jan 15, 2016· Learn more about our exclusive Drop-Forged Chain here: ... Watch live as our Drop-Forged Chain moves through a Drag Chain Conveyor. See what your material sees.

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The Chain and Flight Design are the Keys to the Success of our Drag Conveyors. The internal chain is the workhorse of our En-Masse Drag Conveyors. Knowing more about their design characteristics will help you to understand why our chain and flights deliver unmatched durability, reliability and longevity.

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BCI carries a large selection of spare parts including Chain Breaker, Sprocket, Conveyor Chain, Conveyors Belt, Conveyor Shafts call us for more info.

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Heavy welded steel conveyor chain with welded attachments and 3/8" - 5/8" UHMW flights assembled and placed in intermediate sections Drives sized for application and mounted to head section Drag Leg attachment plates (1 set per 10' of conveyor length)

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En-Masse Chain Conveyors 12" / 14" / 20" Tall. Moving grain En-Masse is the most efficient (HP/Bushel) way to move grain horizontally in most applications that …